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Desires of the Heart

I played soccer 2-3 seasons every year for 7 years. Every year - every season - I was tempted not to play. I wasn’t that skilled, and playing a running game with asthma can be rather humiliating regardless of technique level. I attended camps, went on extra runs, and spent hours in my front yard trying to improve my skills. Despite my efforts, I never saw myself as good enough—and a lack in confidence surely does not contribute towards improvement.

The decision to continue playing only became more difficult. Entering junior high, there were no longer rec opportunities, my school did not have a soccer team, and none of my friends played. It seemed silly, with my skill level, to go out of my way to try out for teams at schools I did not attend. I feared being cut, and if not, that I would forever be a disappointment to my teammates and coaches.

With the encouragement of my Social Studies student teacher, I played for one of the middle schools in town. I received an award both years I play…

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