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Thick Thighs

“Fat baby, short legs.” These were the words spoken by my doctor while I was in the womb, and they have continued to be in the back of my head.
My legs have always been thick, and I spent most of my life hating them. We had daily Mass in elementary school, and I remember being self-conscious about the width of my thighs compared to my classmates next to me in the pews. In middle school and high school, I tried everything imaginable to make them slimmer, but nothing ever worked. They got stronger and more flexible, but also wider.  
Little did I know that I would soon be weeping over the legs I once had. I have a vivid memory from my sophomore year of college. I was sitting at the table with my laptop, looking at photos from before the crash. Devastated, I thought, “I used to think I was fat, and I hated myself, but now I actually am, and there is nothing I can do.”
It had been over three years since the car accident, and I had put on a lot of extra weight very quickly. Within the year fo…

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