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One Step

It was almost 13 years ago, but it feels like just yesterday. I broke my spine and pelvis, and I had not yet received permission to walk, nor was it known that I would ever have the capability to do so again. I pulled myself out of my wheelchair and attempted to take a step on my own. My body would not budge. It was actually impossible to take a step. Because of its impossibility, if I were to ever walk again, hope was required. This is not because hope made my body capable, but if I had none, I never would have attempted taking another step. 

I had no assurance that I would walk again, did not know that I would dance, run, hike up mountains, backpack across Europe, etc. Facing the unknown is difficult. Sometimes we decide it is easier to give up our hopes than to face disappointment. We do not offer God our desires, because it seems pointless if they will never be fulfilled anyways.
For what do you hope? 
What hopes have you given up on? (It is hard for me to believe that I am the only o…

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